June 26th, 2014

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Stucky Fic Search

I'm looking for an AU fic where Bucky and Steve were not best friends. They both lived around Brooklyn, knew each other, and had giant crushes on each other, but more acquaintances. Steve does rescue Bucky after the serum, but Bucky does not recognize him and Steve, thinking that Bucky never liked his old, weak body, pretends to be someone else. They sleep together, but Steve is always jealous of an old "sweetheart" back home in Brooklyn that Bucky talks about (who is really Steve). Fast forward to modern day and the Winter Soldier, who realizes who Steve really is, straightens everything out, and says something along the lines of "You stopped me from falling in love with you."
Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey! I've been looking for a fic and it's been driving me crazy. Basically Bucky and Steve are subs that live together when Tony, a dom, posts an advertisement in the newspaper asking for people to apply to be his sub. Bucky fills in the application for Steve and sexy times ensue. If you could help me find it I'd be immensely thankful!

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Can anyone rec fics where Loki wins at the end of Avengers? I read a good one today where Loki takes over Stark Tower and holds Tony prisoner. I've got a hankering for more. :)


Rule 63

A male Natasha gets the rest of the avengers pregnant, and i think is starts of with fem Steve complaining because is was only once, fem tony is knitting, fem Bruce is queasy, fem Thor is glowing, and fem, Clint sits in male Natasha's lap