June 27th, 2014


Steve/Tony stories

I'm looking for a list of stories that have Steve/Tony as the primary pairing and Bucky comes back. Tony is insecure because he thinks Steve wants/needs/loves(ed)/was with Bucky and is either self sacrificing/self deprecating and tries to give Steve what he wants (according to Tony it's Bucky) and what Steve Really Wants is Tony. Thanks.
West Wing: laughs like paula by onthesta
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Nobody Loves a Genius Child

I'm looking for a fic, I think it might have involved suicide, where Tony identifies almost to strongly with the Langston Hughes poem. I think it might have been a suicide note or video? I think Steve found it at some point which was how it was brought to light.

Anyone else remember this fic? I might have been pre-slash Tony/Steve but it might have been gen.

Any ideas?


This is a song for the genius child.
Sing it softly, for the song is wild.
Sing it softly as ever you can -
Lest the song get out of hand.

Nobody loves a genius child.

Can you love an eagle,
Tame or wild?
Can you love an eagle,
Wild or tame?
Can you love a monster
Of frightening name?

Nobody loves a genius child.

Kill him - and let his soul run wild.



I would really appreciate it if someone could help me find a story (or possibly two that I thought were one but may be separate fics).

What I can remember is that Loki first meets Tony when he's a young child, about 8 years old.  He's being picked on by some older kids and Loki helps him out.  Loki meets him again a few years later and decides he'll keep an eye on Tony and help him when he needs it.

The next thing I remember is Loki being yelled at by Odin and Thor is there too.  Tony is in Afghanistan at this point and Loki suddenly feels his pain and knows that he could die.  He panics and begs Odin to let him go to Midgard. Odin can feel some of what Loki is feeling and tells him to go but to not interfere.  I think Yinsin is able to see Loki later but none of the Ten Rings can.    At the battle of New York Tony figures out that Loki is being controlled and after Loki gets Hulk smashed, he watches Tony fall.  He is the one to save Tony and Tony asks him if he's ok now, if he's "back".  Loki says he's back and alright and Thor realizes that Tony is Loki's favoured one.

I remember so much about it but I can't find it anywhere.

The part that I remember that I'm really starting to think is a separate fic is that Yinsin survives the Ten Rings and goes back to Stark Tower with Loki and Tony.  Yinsin stays with Tony through everything and Nick Fury turns out to be Tony's god father or something? But to keep Tony safe, nobody but the two of them know about it, until he drops by after Stane's betrayal and then Yinsin and whoever else was there finds out too.

Does anyone know either of these stories?  This has been driving me nuts for days now.

Thank you in advance!

Edited to add:  I am definitely looking for 2 separate stories.  Both stories have now been found!  It's Guardian Angels Series by Batsutousai.

The second story is Lost Halves by SiniseSnakeEyes.