July 3rd, 2014

  • jrd17

Looking for a frozen steve fic

I'm looking for a fic that deals with the Army's response to finding a frozen Steve - mainly that they sent an honor guard to bring Steve's body home. The fic is written from the POV of one of the honor guard. I've looked but couldn't find it here or anywhere else. I know I've read it and that it was rec'd by someone on one of these lists. Does anyone else remember this one?


(no subject)

So im looking for a few things...

1) Any avengers daemon Fics that ARENT on ao3 cause I'm pretty sure I've read all those.

2) I watches IM2 again the other day so now i want any tics where Pepper and/or Happy and/or Jarvis know Natasha as natalie and possibly don't trust her.

3) Any AUs where the avengers are kids. Not deaged.

4) Natasha has MAJOR trust issues. Usually they're all about Tony.

5) something where they find out someone (other than steve (hopefully natasha)) is much younger or maybe just younger then everyone else.

6) If anyone watches Agents of SHIELD, id love some with natasha and the bus.

7) Any post Winter Soldier with everyone coping with shield falling, especially natasha and clint since they're agents. Or where sam meets the avengers.

8) Any with maria and natasha that isn't femslash.

9) Any with Harley Keener in them. I think I've read all the ones on ao3

10) some goods ones where steve finds out about howard being an ass. Or any with tony hating captain america because of his past/connection to howard.

Thanks in advance!