July 8th, 2014


SPECIFIC FIC: Teacher/Playboy, Steve/Tony

Hi, all! I'm looking for a story I read a while ago that has Steve as a teacher, and Tony as, well, himself (not sure if he's Iron Man in this). I think Tony ends up getting trashed and falls asleep on the school grounds where Steve finds him. Tony tries to play it off, and then throw money at Steve (well, the promise of money). Steve is not amused.

Long story short, Steve's students (art? sports? I can't remember) are totally behind Tony and Steve getting together. I think there's a huge graduation event, and everyone's involved.

I searched through quite a few pages, but didn't find the original post I saw the story on.

Thanks in advance!

shapeshifter loki

Hello again, last time I got ao many great recs and I'm here to ask again.
Im looking for a shape shifting fics.
Especially 1) loki shifts into a female (though always if, if you find worthy, is fine.)
And 2) loki shifts into somw kind of animal (hopefully not only a kitten.)
Im looking for the easily missed fics on AO3, fics on LJ/Tumblr, etc or on FF (which I can't navigate to save my life)
I prefer avengers involved, dont mind if gen slash, or het (only with female! Loki).
Dont mind any warnings, like them long and angsty but everything you guys find good enough to recommend is fine.

Best if avengers are involved.