July 12th, 2014

Tony/Bruce Missing Fic

I know it was a Bruce/Tony fic and Bruce was very hesitate to sleep in the same bed as Tony because of unexpected Hulk out's re. Nightmares. Tony convinces Bruce otherwise and all is good until Tony gets hurt because of the unexpected Hulk Out. I am almost positive this is on ao3 but for once my tag trolling hasn't come to fruition.
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I'm looking for a specific fic I read on AO3 maybe as much as a year ago?

The plot was that character A was filling out paperwork for SHIELD, which included a form about sex pollen incidents, and he forged B's signature as his go-to partner because he thought the form was a joke, then forgot about it. In true fanfic fashion there is sex pollen, A's form is called up, B has absolutely no idea what's going on, noncon and angst ensue.

I think A was either Tony or Clint. If A was Tony I think B was Clint (but it might have been Coulson), and if A was Clint I think B was Coulson (or possibly Tony).

I realize I am unhelpful. I can only apologize. orz