July 26th, 2014

Damn Denial

Shopping saves the world

Hi, all,

I was hoping that someone might know where I can find a story about Tony criticizing Loki's clothes and opts to take him shopping, thereby saving the world--the experience so enjoyable to Loki.

I believe it was once originally posted to a KinkMeme and the last time I read it was years ago.

That's all that I can recall.

audrey [oh babe]

Steve + Natasha Sparring

Hey everyone! I'm looking for a story where Steve goes easy on everyone he's sparring with in the ring. Natasha notices, and challenges him to spar. The spar is epic and SHEILD folk gather around to watch them. Gen, and I'm pretty it was written post TWS so fairly recent. There was a lengthy description of the actual fighting. Great story, but it's been impossible for me to hunt down through AO3. Thanks for your help!    

Looking for 2 fics: 1) Loki takes off and Thor is a bad king (AU) and 2) Jane has trials in Asgard

Hi guys. I'm looking for 2 fics. Any help would be much appreciated.

The first one I believe I read either on avengerkink or norsekink. This is what I remember of it: it's an AU and before Thor's coronation, Odin told Loki that Loki was to be advisor to Thor, basically doing all the work and getting none of the credit. Loki didn't like it one bit and took off for another realm, leaving Thor to do things himself. Then some foreign dignitaries from another realm came to Asgard and Thor screwed up pretty badly by insulting people (including a female ambassador or something that he insisted on hitting on, despite her subtle attempts to get him to back off) and generally being bad at diplomacy. I think Thor confronted Loki at some point for abandoning him or making him look bad, I'm not really sure.

The second one I think is from AO3. I think it was a long story, most likely gen or Loki/Tony (and Thor/Jane), but the bit I remember is that Jane has gone to Asgard and she has to undergo some trials to be accepted there or be given the golden apples. There are 3 tests and Jane fails one (that I think involved something typically feminine she was not very good at) and passes one (that I think involved some kind of scientific principle). The last one (I think) was some kind of unsolvable problem Odin used so she'd fail for sure, and I think Thor and other people got pissed about that. And that's pretty much all I remember about it.

Thanks in advance.
Take that!

(1) Bruce likes humiliation but hates aftercare and (2) Tony finds Bucky

1. I THINK this was in the Avengers Kinkmeme comments, but I can't find it. The plot is that Bruce loves humiliation (the story includes a too-short scene), but can't stand aftercare, which leaves Tony worried and feeling like a bad dom. So Tony sets up JARVIS to do aftercare, monitoring Bruce's vitals and leading him through cleaning up and coming down, but in a sort of cold, formal way so as not to trigger Bruce's issues. It was called something like "Wasting My Time."

2. I only heard about this story at ConTXT: After the events of CA2:TWS, Bucky has disappeared. Tony hunts him down, ready to kill him, but when he finds him he's mentally unstable, without shelter, etc., and so instead of killing him he takes him to be with Steve.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

Tony speaks in other languages - specific fic and recs


I'm looking for a fic for ages and I hope somebody can help to find it.
Unfortunately I don't remember much part of it.
I think in this fic there is a scene where Tony and Natasha speak with each other in other languages.
The other Avengers are there too and if I remember correctly sometimes later Bruce join the conversation too.
I know it is not too much, but maybe does this sound familiar to anyone?

And Also if you have any recommendations on similar fics where Tony is multilingual, I really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for any help! :)