July 27th, 2014

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Specific and general fic search (Tony-centric)

The specific fic I'm looking for was set almost immediately post-IM2, and dealt with Rhodey apologizing to Tony for not trusting him (possibly because Jarvis asked him to apologize?); Tony then flew off in his Starkjet, with Jarvis saying comforting things in his ear until he fell asleep. He was shivering, I think, and there was mention of a blanket and how very unwell Tony had been feeling. Dead sure it was on Ao3, but I can't for the life of me find it. :( Hoping someone here can help, pretty please! :) [Edit: Found by ravensrookery, thank you!]

Okay, general fic searches (I prefer gen or Tony/Pepper, but other pairings are not a deal-breaker):

1. IM2-related hurt/comfort. Set pre-, during or post-movie, anything. Even anything where someone realizes how ill Tony's feeling or how tired he is, etc. will do. Just, acknowedgement by the other characters of the shit Tony's recently been through. (in other words, fixit fic for the total lack of comfort in the film)

2. Fics where Tony is hugged, like really close, purposeful, melt-inducing hugs (not the momentary kind).

3. Fics dealing with the fact that Tony is very much an introvert, even though he fakes extroversion well.

4. Fics involving public goodwill for Tony. Like random people asking if he's okay, telling him the impact he's made on their lives, coming forward to help him if he's hurt during battle, things like that.

Thank you! :)
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Loki/OMC, low self-esteem relationship

I'm looking for a fic I'm fairly sure is somewhere in the Kink Meme. Which is massive, so you probably understand my problem.

Loki has a horrible, massive and crippling low-self-esteem. He doesn't let it show, but he literally believes he is so horrible and ugly etc that no one would love him.
Then, Loki meets a man who is a horrid rude slob. Fat, I think, middle-aged, beer-guzzling Midgardian. And this man tells Loki that Loki is beautiful. Loki, due to his low self-esteem, believes that this man (who is the only one who told him he was beautiful) is the best Loki could ever have. So he enters into a relationship. Not out of love, but literally out of 'this is the best I can hope for'.

Does this ring any bells for anyone? I would really appreciate some help.

Bucky, Hurt/Comfort, general search

Hey, I'm on a general search for hurt/comfort Bucky fics. There's a lot of fics out there for emotional hurt/comfort but I guess I'm looking more for physical h/c, with injury or illness. I don't especially care what pairings or era (1940s or modern day). Lengthy fics are great, but again, not picky. So thanks in advance!

Edited to say, I guess the only thing I'm not comfortable with is rape/noncon/dubcon.

Can't Find a Specific loki fic

So I've been searching and can't find this story, and its driving me crazy.

It took place during the first Thor movie, Loki was good in this story and was trying to show Odin that Thor wasn't ready to be king. I don't think he thought Thor would go so far and be banished.
I specifically remember Loki visiting Thor while he's being held by shield and explaining that even though he's king he can't leet Thor come back until he learns his lesson. Also, the warriors three don't trust Loki and think he wants to be king so, like in the movie, they go to find Thor. Thor tells them that Loki's doing the right thing, but I don't think they believed him.
I can't remember if they believed Thor or not.
I'm pretty sure Loki was using his position and how people thought of him to trick Laufey in to invading asgard so he could kill him and claim that he was preventing an invasion. Maybe to get revenge on his birth father or to protect asgard?

Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about, because I loved this story and I just can't find it.

Tony Fic abused and used for sex.

This is very vague, cannot remember which site I read it on but it was within the last couple of years.Think it was something to do with Asgard/Loki changing peoples view of Tony Stark, he as punished, sentenced to be used by public/avengers for sex? He is very traumatised and I remember I think it is Thor who is by Tony's bedside to apologise and explain what had happened.