August 1st, 2014

Seeking Clint/Coulson - Genderswapped Phil

I could have sworn this was on AO3, but some truly desperate searching has turned up no trace. I remember that Clint and Phil weren't a couple, but then Phil got turned into a woman and essentially lived with Clint for a week or so in the immediate aftermath, after which they started dating. Phil retrained with Maria Hill and Natasha in order to requalify as a field agent, was horrified by a talk with Hill about the realistic outcomes for female agents, and at some point she gave him a chocolate bar or something (don't know why this stuck with me).

I think he and Clint might have gotten married at some point, and possibly there was cross-dressing involved in the aftermath of this. Phil turned back, and there was a sequel or an epilogue where it happened again and the Avengers were shocked by how well Phil was coping with the immediate realisation.

Does this ring any bells?

Darcy works at SHIELD fic

I'm pretty sure I remember Fury threatening(?) Darcy with a Disney incident, her calling him a pirate or some such behind his back, and Darcy running into Jane after she explodes her lab or something and chewing out the lab assitant that let her. She was working in archives and got promoted really fast to be Jane's assitant/babysitter. She also stumbles upon Coulson, whom is in a coma and brings him mudic and fuzzy socks. And I'm reasonably sure it involved Bruce/Darcy at some point, though maybe not.

Specific 5 Things Fic, Team Feels, Tony-centric

...At least, I think it was a 'five plus one'-style fic. It had short chapters, and the one I remember (which was not the first) had Coulson in Tony's office, seeing a new assistant try to hand him some paperwork, and since Coulson knew Tony doesn't like being handed things he took the papers himself - only it turned out they had some kind of contact poison on them, and he ended up in hospital.

It was on AO3.

Help, please?