August 13th, 2014

Bougie v Monarchist Bear

Bucky knows Steve best fic

I'm looking for fics where Bucky and Steve are reunited and the Avengers find out how much they didn't know about the 'real' Steve Rodgers. Like Bucky tells tales about things that happened in the past. Or maybe Steve's just happy to have Bucky back and relaxes the Captain America persona.

I like Steve/Bucky, but gen best friend fic is great too.

Sci-fi fanfiction ?

I've just seen Ghardians of the Galaxy and wondered if anyone knew soms science-fiction fics, as in lots of planets, space ships, space pirates, space ... thingies...
I've already read Bend around the Wind, which is exactly the sort I'm looking for, but I need more.

Any suggestions ?

Tony noncon

Hi all!

A while ago I read a fic where the male avengers were somehow lured into this place (warehouse maybe?) and dosed with some sort of sex-pollinish gas. The gas didn't effect Tony because the Iron Man suit protected him from it, but everyone else became really sexually aggressive and they ended up gang raping him. Does this sound familiar to anyone?