August 21st, 2014

reed coffee

Looking for a fix where Tony takes over SHEILD after Winter Soldier


I'm looking for a fix I read on AO3 where Tony took over SHEILD after it fell in Cap 2. I don't remember much for the details, but I think it had Coulson and his team at least make a cameo. I also think Natasha was helping Tony prioritize missions and run rescue ops and stuff like that. I know it's not a lot to go on, but I'd appreciate any help you guys might be able to provide.


Looking for Steve fic!

Hey guys,

Going through a bit of a rough time and could use a bit of cheering up. Hoping someone could point me in the direction of any of the following:

-Steve confronted with evidence of the Holocaust, whether in his time or present doesn't matter

-I've read so many fic where Steve realises he was wrong about Tony and apologizes. I'd love to see the opposite, where Tony and the others realise they got the wrong idea about Steve and apologize

-lastly, any fic that showcases Steve's intelligence

Thanks in advance!