August 25th, 2014

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Abused Clint, Jackass Handler (not Coulson)

I'm looking for a specific fic. I think it was on the Kink Meme, but I don't know for sure.

Anyway, when Clint joined SHIELD he got a personal promise from Fury that he would never have to do any missions of a sexual nature (because he'd been raped in the past). Anyway, he gets assigned to a handler that just want to get promotions, gain status and doesn't really care about his agents at all.

During one mission, the mark they're agenting at is gay and Clint matches his prefered type. So asswipe handler forces Clint to do seduce the mark through sex, but Clint gets a panic attack in the middle. The mission is blown, a few people are seriously hurt (not sure whether or not anyone died). Jackbutt handler talks the other agents into testifying against Clint, lying that Clint volunteered and insisted on doing that mission, that he never protested and all that. Meanwhile Clint has pretty much clammed up, especially when all the rest of SHIELD is bullying him about what happened.

Coulson doesn't buy that load of crap, and gets to the bottom of it all. The asshole handler gets demoted and Coulson takes over as Clint's handler. I think it might've progressed into Clint/Coulson, but I don't remember anymore.

Does it sound familiar to anyone?

FOUND: Freak by asamandra
black widow

Post-Winter Soldier for Natasha or characters not in the film. Also, Captain Marvel.

Hello there lovely helpful people!  I am looking for stories of a few different types.

1.  Your favorite Natasha-centric post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier stories.  Pretty much any ship or gen, so long as Natasha is the focus of the story. Angsty, fluffy, plotty, crack,'s all good. (I do have an especially soft spot for Natasha/Clint, but as I said I'm very much not picky about ships.)

2.  Stories exploring how the events of CA: TWS impacted other characters in the MCU (other than those appearing in the film or Agents of SHIELD.)  One good example of this is Next New Message by fabrega about Clint, but I'd love to read about more characters during HYDRA's attempted coup and/or its aftermath.

3.  After reading Breakfast for Dinner by thingswithwings, I was wondering if there are any other fics with Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) joining the movie-verse team.