September 6th, 2014


Clint/Darcy Tunes, and Coulson/Darcy Recs

1. Clint keeps changing the alarm music on her cellphone every morning to something different. He is trying to guess her favorite band/song. Dracy works for/at SHIELD and is Coulsons's Secretary/PA. At one point she gets taken hostage in SHIELD and Clint shoots the guy, after whistling a few notes, so she knows it's him. They go on a date to Office Depot. (FOUND!)

2. Read the awesome story that is Alphabet Soup and it created a craving for the awesome pairing that is Coulson/Darcy! Please rec me your favorite stories. I'm starting at square one. Self-recs are loved!

P.S. How do we not have a Clint/Darcy or a Coulson/Darcy tag?

loki kids

I want something about Lokis kids. Ive heard he had like a bunch of weird animal kids, but also regular Asgardian and/or Frost Giant kids as well as him and Thor having kids. So really ill take anything well written and actively about his kids, not just them in the background. Loki isn't one of my favorites to read, but i found a really good one that i enjoyed and i crave more this one was too short. So if y'all have anything, thanks in advance!!

Toaster-verse fanart

Hello everyone, have one of you by things of live seen some kind of fanart of this wonderful series by scifigrl47 in AO3 somewhere? I'm sorry but the picture of Thor in an apron surfing on roombas with an ironing board is too precious for mi little twisted mind. So if one of you have seen something like that please, please tell me. Thanks!