September 7th, 2014


Specific search

I'm looking for a ficlet I can only remember a bit of- it was post Cap2 I think, and Steve and Bucky were sparring in a gym with an audience (I think there's mention of the remaining few loyal Shield agents?) including some of the other Avengers. The fight goes on for a while, and it gets to the point where they're less fighting more rolling around on the floor together. Clint thinks that it's a good thing most of the agents watching have wandered off because it's starting to feel more intimate, at which point Tony speaks up and ruins the moment by commenting on how it looks. The others then leave the two of them alone, since they're now just kinda laid next to/on top of each other.

It was probably on tumblr, although it might have been on Ao3. Anybody got any ideas?

Specific search: Loki and Steve fic

I'm looking for a specific fic where Loki crash-lands through the roof of Steve Roger's apartment. IIRC, later in the story there are aliens coming through rift openings, and Loki is in SHIELD custody being questioned by various people. IIRC, Tony Stark does some of the questioning and of course has to bring up Sleipnir.

Clint ageplay with couple!Phil-and-Nick

Okay, I'm driving myself nuts. I thought I had this bookmarked. I thought I had it *saved* for pity's sake. Definitely on Ao3. Phil is still recovering from being stabbed thru the chest. Phil and Nick are an established couple of many years. They have a house together somewhere in driving distance of SHIELD. Clint has been in a non-romantic, non-sexual relationship with them for some time less than how long they've been a couple. Basically he's their kid. He acts younger when he's with them. No specific age, just a kid. He has a blanket. He gets read a bedtime story. He's wets the bed (not on purpose) and tries to change the sheets himself but they wake up. He's not in trouble for it but Nick puts him a diaper for the rest of the night and Phil tucks him back into bed. He gets scolded by Nick for eating in the living room and I think directly out of the cereal box.

I can remember most everything except the author and title. This is one of my favorites and I'm driving myself nuts trying to find it. Please help.