September 8th, 2014

Specific fic: help!

Hey guys :)
I'm looking for a specific fic that I cannot find for the life of me. It's set after CA: WS (although I'm not 100% sure that it's canon compliant) and Bucky's living at the Tower. Bucky and Tony are friends- Tony's working on improving Bucky's metal arm (I think possibly that in the past removing the arm caused Bucky a lot of pain but Tony promised his upgrades would make sure it was painless? And that Bucky was surprised when Tony turned out to be telling the truth? Could be mixing that up with another fic though). Tony and Steve are definitely in like with each other, I'm pretty sure they're not in an established relationship because I vaguely recall Bucky telling Tony to go for it.

It isn't In the Stillness of Remembering by elise_509, gonna be trouble by fictionalcandie or Coffe into Theorems by BladeoftheNebula, although some of those get pretty close, because I definitely remember that Bucky was in love with Tony and 'stepped back' and gave Tony advice so he and Steve could be together. Bucky and Tony have a conversation about it in the workshop, and Bucky sort of says it's all right that Tony's getting with Steve.

Might have been a part of a larger plotline? The scene in the workshop is really the only one I'm remembering clearly.

Really hope someone can help me out, this is frustrating me!
Thanks in advance :D