September 9th, 2014


Coffee Shop Superfamily

Hey guys I was wondering if I could get a little help. I remember reading a fic a while back I think on AO3. It was Stony. Steve owned a coffee shop and had custody of Peter. Tony comes in from time to time, usually hungover, and Steve generally doesn't like him. Eventually they move past it. I'm pretty sure it was a nonpowered AU as well. Any help would be awesome as this is driving me crazy. Thanks.

Also any recs where Steve is a single parent?

Specific fic search

What i am searching for is a specific fic with assassination attempts on Tony? What i remembered is that there was a scene with Tony stepping out of the Stark industries building and he came under gun fire. There was another scene with someone attempting to snipe him during a meeting he was in.

Forgive me if im doing this wrong. This is my first fic search
Phoenix and Unicorn by sealcat
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Searching for Patiently by et2brute (Older version of Freeway) Steve/Tony

Today I just found out this wonderful story Freeway have older version call Patiently , but it is link to new version of the story, the old version had been removed, and I have ask author on their tumblr, they no longer have the older version either, but give ok to me to ask around if someone might still have a copy of it (Or whole series have been re-written too?). So hopefully anyone might have saved it and ok to send me a copy too? Thank you so much for your help! (Feel free to PM me so I can send you my e-mail address)

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