September 14th, 2014


FOUND Specific fic search: Stony + aliens

It was a comic-verse fic, somewhere on AO3, rather long, featuring dominantly Steve and Tony, but also many people from the comics cast (Hawkeye, War Bird, Hank Pym and others). Aliens had taken over the earth and captured Tony (though he had supposedly surrenedered) and were forcing him and several other scientists to reverse-engineer their technology, as they had to flee from their mother planet and left their technicians to die. Steve was leading the revolutionaries. Clint went undercover to help Tony and the scientists were dying because the aliens didn't give them anything with salt and citruses in it (though not on purpose). There also was some power fighting among the aliens. Please help?
  • kdorian

The Rich are Different

I would love to read something that focused, at least in part, on Tony's wealth. I'm not just looking for 'Tony throws money around' fics, but one that look at how he reacts differently because he's used to being able to buy whatever he wants, how there are things that litterally aren't worth his time to do, and/or how it changes his expectations of how others will react to him.

As a few just-off-the-top-of-my-head examples: It would make sense for Tony to have someone else (or a service) do his laundry, because it's litterally cheaper for him to hire someone else to do it than lose the production time in his lab. If he stays at a five-star hotel and sees something in the room that he wants (lamp, painting, a new mini-fridge or a fancy lock he wants to play with, whatever), he just walks off it (and presumes the hotel to add it to his bill). Or how Tony sometimes tips really extravagantly and sometime really poorly, because he just grabs whatever bills are in his pocket and hands them over, without paying attention to see if they're hundreds or singles.

Anything where Tonly inadvertently makes Steve NUTS would be a plus, because looking at what I wrote I can see any of those driving Steve crazy!