September 16th, 2014


An Exquisite and Lethal Mind by Ell Roche

Does anyone have a copy? I tried the Wayback and I failed.

Author: Ell Roche
Crossover: Thor and Avengers
Language: English, Rated: T
Genres: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Darcy L. & Iron Man/Tony S.
Chapters: 1, Words: 3,217, Reviews: 0 Published: 1-21-13
Status: Complete

The last time Tony closed his eyes, all he could see was the darkness of space and a huge alien ship headed to Earth. As Fury had pointed out, Earth was hilariously out-gunned. And even though Tony vowed to never create weapons again, the thought still niggles him in the back of his mind. They could be attacked at any moment, and he would be able to do nothing.

Looking for fic where Phil "bullies" Bruce

I am desperately searching for a fanfic in which Phil turns out to be alive.
All the Avengers are extremely glad to have him back, even Bruce even though he never really got to meet Phil.

However when Bruce and Phil is alone, Phil tells Bruce that he is a monster, and too dangerous to have on the team. He keeps telling Bruce he brings everyone around him in danger, and is pretty horrible to him.

This continues throughout the story. Bruce says nothing, because he can see how much the other Avengers love Phil. The Avengers have no idea Phil dislikes and bullies Bruce.

In one scene, while the Avengers are fighting some villains, Hulk attempts to attack Phil.
The Avengers protect Phil by attacking the Hulk, and it pretty much breaks Big Greens heart.
I am a steady slash reader so there is a 90% chance the fic was a slash story.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?