September 17th, 2014

narnia lucy

Specific fic search about scary flying roomba's and some recs

Hey everybody,
I was wondering if anyone can remember a fic on ao3 (I'm pretty sure it was on ao3) where tony goes on an inventing binge and upgrades heaps of roombas so that the have AI's in them and Clint was naming them. I think that the avengers were versing a villain that was made of rubbish or dust so tony releases them along with their flying abilities. The roombas devour the villain and everyone is horrified/traumatised but in a vaguely crackish way. I think that there may have been a ploy in there somewhere as well.

I also wanted to know if someone could rec me the following: ( I realise that the first few are very similar but oh well...)

1.tony thinking that he doesn't deserve to be on the team.
2.tony thinking that no one on the team likes him and they only tolerate him.
3.tony thinking that he's only a consultant and working really hard to please everyone so that he can stay on the team.
4.tony thinking that people only want him for his money and what he can give them.
5.tony having an eating disorder.
6.teen tony docs with the avengers being older like in the broken homes verse and apropos of nothing.
7.any cute clintasha marriage fics.

Thanks to anyone who comments.