September 19th, 2014

peter parker

So i was looking through peter parker and avengers fics, but all the ones that come up are ones with peter as tony and steves son. Does anyone know any where he isn't their son and he's just spiderman. Also i prefer it when they don't treat him like a son/little kid since he's also a superhero. They can be a little protective and acknowledge he's younger but not like treat him like he's insufficient.

Tony asgardian pleaaase!

Hey kind of new to this so here it goes...

So I wanna read any fics where tony turns out to be asgardian or a god or something also fics where loki turns out to be Tonys parent would be awesome.. I read a story recently where tony turns out to be asgardian, and I would love to read more!

Also I'm not a huge fan of Steve/tony so if that particular pairing could be avoided that'd be great!

Thaanks! :)
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I'm looking for a bunch of Steve/Bucky fics and I am tried of waddling through 6000-odd fics on A03. So, if any one rings a bell -

- Post CA:TWS!Bucky doesn't get hard because of all the trauma and Steve sucks on his flacid penis. There's a lot of H/C involved.

- Post-Serum!Steve gives Post!CA:TWS!Bucky a boob job.

- CA:TFA!AU. There is no serum. Bucky goes to war, Steve works for Howard Stark. Bucky returns and they live together.
(There are many fics following this theme, but the one I'm looking has a final scene where someone is interviewing old!Steve and old!Bucky when Tony Stark crashes the interview. He is their godson and they have been raising him since Howard and Maria's death)
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Hello All!
I am looking for a fic (obviously). In it the Avengers are trying to get Steve and Bucky together. They come up with different plans and one of the is a couples drawing class, where Bucky ends up being a nude model for Steve. Bucky and Steve are not impressed by what they think are pranks and vow to get back at them. When they do get together, Clint writes something on a hidden board. If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it!
Also if anyone knows any good fics with Bucky's arm hurting him or being fixed, I'll take those too! I've read Long Range Reconnaissance by Shell and I need more hurt!Bucky.

It's been found! It's Comitatus part of the Anagnorisis series by WanderingAlice