September 22nd, 2014

Tony Stark Binge Eating

Hi! I have been searching for a fic I read a while ago about Tony binge eating and purging. I dont remember much about it, just little snippets. I know Pepper was there advising about it, and he would eat until he was uncomfortably full and then throw up? Maybe he was starving himself at times? Sorry, I dont remember much. It was a well written fic. My brain keeps telling me it was AO3 but it may have been LJ or Im really not sure.
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Looking for Steve/Bucky/fem!Toni fics (one in specific)

OK, I'm up for any fics that you have with those three, Tony being genderswapped/female. BUT, the main focus of my search is one I read a while ago but can't, for the life of me, find again!

Steve comes back from work or something, walking into their room to see Bucky fucking into Toni. Steve sits and watches, undressing throughout I think, and when Bucky and Toni are done, proceeds to eat Toni out. This fic has been bugging me for the last few days, but I just can't find it. Can anyone help me?

(And as I said above, any other recs with Steve, Bucky, and fem!Toni would be fantastic as well). ;)

Found: Bucky's arm is designed to hurt him

Hi, I am searching for a specific story where Bucky's arm causes him pain. Not because it's broken, or his body is damaged or because his flesh arm is growing back, but because Hydra specifically designed it to make it painful, so that the Winter Soldier would be motivated to return after missions for pain relief, as a form of chemical control/aversive conditioning. Tony is working on the arm and turns off the pain-causing circuit, and Bucky either falls asleep/passes out or just goes limp all over with the relief.

I think this is post-Winter Soldier, but it may be older. I have read so many Bucky stories since CA:TWS that they've all blurred together, and my searches for this scene have come up blank.

Thank you in advance.

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