September 25th, 2014


Shovel talk

People give the shovel talk. I would prefer to Tony or to Tony's partner.

I remember one where Tony is given the shovel talk by everyone while Clint is away. Clint is really angry wth them when he returns.

But any shovel talk would be good.

And anyone know any good fluff fics, Clint/Tony or Bruce/Tony, if there is a pairing, though friendship would be nice.

Thank you.

team thinks clint is a pedophile

I'm look for any stores where the team find a picture, tape or any thing else of clint being raped as a child but think he is a pedophile and kick him of the team. i mostly want ones where they see their mistake and help clint but i will also except stories where it ends badly, like with suicide.

stories i have already read are:

my last letter by asamandra

memento by moraine
Last of the Princes

Fic Search

Hello, I was just curious if anyone new of any fics where Steve leaves the avengers to protect them (and they're not aware at first) or because he's having trouble dealing with everything? Or anything along these lines?