October 5th, 2014

Lonely Steve Story

Hi everyone,

I've been looking do a story I read a while ago where Steve didn't go to Shwarma with the rest o the team and maybe could go the second thing they did together as well (?); I can't remember if it was because he was injured or debriefed...

Anyway, he was also the last one to be asked to move into Avengers Tower and he begins to realise he is never asked to go to dinner or movie nights with everyone and feels left out. I think he ends up walking into a movie night and asking why the team don't like him. That's all I remember but I would really like to read it again so please help!!

Beauty in the Breakdown

*FOUND* Lost Steve/Darcy Fic...

I was reading a Steve/Darcy fic tonight and it got me thinking of another one I read a few months back, but for the life of me I can't find it. Hoping you all can help:

*The fic starts with Darcy depressed because her grandmother (??) died and she needs to return home for the funeral.
*Steve and Darcy have a strained relationship bcause he just doesn't know how to handle her.
*Darcy likes him (and he likes her back, though her doesn't really understand it).
*Steve comes aupon her crying and yada, yada, yada... he volunteers to go home with her as a "friend" even though she says he "hate's her" or something to that effect.
*Steve gets Tony to lend him the jet for the trip, the rest of the Avengers are worried about him going with her because they know about the strained relationship beween Steve and Darcy.
*Darcy was adopted and she has an aunt (??) who is rude/mean/snobby to her.
*Steve and Darcy end up getting closer while they are away and Steve defends her against ther snobby aunt (??)
*I am about 95% sure this was a completed fic and I knwo I read it on A03.
*I think it was rated M (maybe explicit) and had a little hanky panky between Steve/Darcy, but it really focused on their relationship growing.

Thanks in advance!!

*FOUND* In Comments
cheetah, Zoo, Portland OR

Coulson Fanfic

I'm looking for a story I'm sure I saw on AO3 but can't find now. In it Coulson doesn't carry a gun or any other type of weapon but when he goes on a mission he always gets ahold of one and know as soon as he gets his hands on it how it works. I'm also pretty sure it's from Tony's POV or hes at least in it. Thanks in advance.
Gentle Rose

Steve/Rumlow "missing scene" non-con fic?

Hello, everyone. I'm looking for a fic that I'm pretty sure was a kinkmeme fill (capkink or hydratrashmeme, not sure), but I can't actually seem to find it there.

The fic is basically a "missing scene" from Captain America 2, between the battle on the highway bridge, and Steve, Sam, and Nat being held prisoner in the truck. In it, Rumlow rapes Steve. What I remember that one of the other HYDRA agents was recording it on their phones, but Steve lashed out and managed to destroy the phone. Also, before the horror/pain sunk in, Steve was largely exasperated by Rumlow's assault.

Please and thank you for all your help! :)