October 10th, 2014

looking for steve/buckey

It was a AU where Steve fell off the train and became the Soldier but Buckey crashed the plane and lost a arm. he is defrosted given a metal prosthetic and then one day while at the cap America museum exhibit is kidnapped by this mysterious group and is forced to have sex with a mysterious stranger who reminds him a lot of Steve, then at the end he defuses a bomb and a war memorial. It was on AO3 if memory serves me.
(CA) Steve/Bucky

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Hello all! I'm looking for a fic that was Steve/Bucky and I think it was 5 times a bad guy wanted in Cap's pants? It may have just been five people in general but I think they kept running into Bucky and he either told them why they weren't good enough for Steve or something. I remember the first person was Batrco and he had a huge crush on Steve. Thank you to anyone who can help me find this one and I'm sorry I don't have more details!

If anyone knows any fics like that I'd love to read them to!