October 12th, 2014

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Steve prefers Howard to Tony

I'm reading First Impressions and Second Chances by lilsmartass, in which Steve and Clint bully Stark due to a series of misunderstandings. A big part of Steve's rationalization of his behavious is that he keeps comparing Tony to Howard and each time Tony is found wanting.

My question is are there more fics like this? That Steve doesn't like Tony because he is not Howard - because he is too different, too brass, etc. Could be slash or not (I know I saw a few kink meme prompts in this topic).

Thank you in advance.
eilean donan
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Specific Steve being an artist fic

I'm looking for a fic that has Steve exhibiting paintings that he has done that symbolically represent the rest of the Avengers - they aren't portraits, but images that fit each of the others. I remember that he has done so secretly from them and under a pseudonym and that Natasha finds out by accident because she goes to the gallery - she isn't happy about it at first, but then (I think) she sees Steve there and realises that he painted them and I think she might end up buying one of them?