October 14th, 2014

Found! Looking for deaf Clint fic

I'm looking for a fic where Clint is brought into SHIELD and given cochlear implants.

It contains one scene where Clint's had the implant surgery and is in the audiologist's office with Coulson.  Clint reacts strongly when the audiologist turns on his hearing for the first time.  There's tears and laughter from Clint, Coulson, and Jenna the audiologist.  Clint has difficulty sorting through all the audio input because his brain needs to prioritize it (i.e., voices get more priority that the air conditioning fan coming on.)

In another, later scene, Clint is watchin a baseball game on TV with Jasper.  Clint's having difficulty understanding the announcer and Jasper translates.

I was reading it on AO3, but lost my Internet connection before I could finish it, and can't remember the title or the author.

Thanks for any help in locating the story.

ETA:  Found!  http://archiveofourown.org/works/2407949

Out of Silence: a Series of Life-Altering Conversations Involving Clint Barton, by nwhepcat