October 15th, 2014

Pairing: Clint/Bucky

Apparently, Bucky is my new favorite, because after reading Tony/Bucky, I am needing some Clint/Bucky recommendations. I already searched through some of the tag on archiveofourown, but there are over 150 stories there and I'm looking to narrow it down a bit. The pairing doesn't have to be the main pairing of the story, but I would like them to be heavily featured if not. Thanks!!
xkcd boom de yada

Coulson fic, escape from hospital, not AoS-compliant

Hi, I only remember one scene fairly clearly from this fic: Coulson lives (obviously) and wakes up in a hospital after the Battle of New York. He realizes pretty early on that he's not being told the truth about what's going on in the outside world, and specifically that he's being lied to about how long it's been since the battle (I think he's told it's 3 weeks when it's actually 6 or something like that). Anyway, the scene I remember is that a really green agent who's just started with SHIELD is acting as a janitor or orderly or something, and he also realizes something's wrong, so he brings Coulson a cell phone in secret so he can contact the Avengers and also brings him clothes (sweatpants?) so he can escape. I also remember that he plans to quit after he helps Coulson get out, since he doesn't want to be part of an organization that lies like this. Finally, I remember that later in the fic, Coulson realizes that it was a good thing he got out before the surgery that he was supposed to get soon, because it was apparently Fury's plan to brainwipe him in that surgery and send him off to be (presumably) his AoS self.

The fic may be Clint/Phil slash +/- being secretly married, since I read a lot of that pairing, but I'm not sure.