October 19th, 2014

Phil puts an Avenger on the naughty step

probably Tony and/or Clint but any or all of the Avengers

not just a threat but an actual follow thru

can you imagine Pepper coming home and finding Tony begging her to come over and kiss him hello because he doesn't dare get up to go to her

imagine trying to explain the concept to Thor only to discover he spent a lot of time on the Asgardian version

Jarvis would totally tattle on anyone who didn't stay put

not deaged Avengers (altho I love those), just Phil is that scary

a bit desperate to read this now that I've thought of it
Nightwing: suck cubed

looking for a couple of Steve and Bucky related fics

I'm not sure if these are pairing specific (Steve/Bucky) or gen; they could be either.

Fic the first: Steve doesn't get the serum, Hodge becomes Cap, dies in the field (supposedly), Hydra attacks the U.S. Steve ends up leading the resistance and Bucky is, I think, sent home after Azzano and becomes his second in command.

Fic the second: Steve is defrosted during the Cold War and he and the Winter Soldier are thrown together in a joint USSR/US operation. I can't remember if it's classified or a public relations stunt. (Not the 'Amnesiac Groom' fic, this is actually set during the Cold War, not present day, and I think it's gen.)

I found both of these on the Ao3. If any of you lovely people recognize either of them I will be most grateful.
  • janne_d

Looking for Steve and JARVIS interactions

I have a feeling I once read a fic where JARVIS had a crush on Steve, but since I can remember no other details whatsoever this is more of a general search for any fics where there is a focus on Steve and JARVIS interacting and whether that is as friends or something more romantic doesn't matter. (Though if anyone does by some miracle find the specific one that I can't quite remember, I will of course be super grateful.) Oh, and I'm definitely looking for JARVIS the AI, not E. Jarvis the human here.