October 27th, 2014

Vulnerable Bruce

Hey all :)

So I just finished watching the age of ultron trailer, which was awesome and made even more so by the fact it comes out around my birthday ^_^, and there's a scene with Bruce and he looks so lost and vulnerable that you just want to hug him until he's happy again.

Anyways this sparked a desire to read fics featuring a vulnerable, insecure, in-desperate-need-of-some-cuddly-affection Bruce. For an example Bully by Trumpeteer has the emotionally hurt then comforted tone that I'm looking for.

Slash, het, gen, poly, h/c, whump, noncon, I read it all. However I don't do death fics and there must be some comfort to follow all the angst.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and thanks for reading my request!

Specific Tony Memory Fics

There are a couple of fics involving Tony and memory that I've been looking for that I haven't been able to relocate and I read them long ago which just makes it harder to hunt them down...plus there seems to be a number of various sections all over the place that they could be. I don't remember if they are actually relationships or if they're just general and I can only remember certain parts of it, but hopefully I remember enough for someone to help me find them.

1. Tony lost his memory completely, not really remembering anything and Steve had found him unconscious somewhere and taken him back to his apartment. Steve had a little brother (I think) and took care of Tony. I'm fairly sure that Tony and Steve began falling for each other and then Tony got his memories back and went back to his business and Steve thought he'd never see Tony again or something like that. Tony just kept showing up at Steve's place and in the end (I'm fairly sure) they got together and Steve and his brother moved in or something.

2. The team minus Tony are sent to do recon or something by S.H.I.E.L.D. and they stumble across Tony. Tony is hooked up to this machine that is using his mind for something and the enemy has him in some kind of...coma or something so that he doesn't need to eat/drink/sleep/etc. It was being hooked up to this machine that led SHIELD to send the team to do recon because Tony had sent out a signal. Steve steps in to save Tony from the situation.

And...that's all I've got so...hopefully it's enough for someone to help me find them.

EDIT: Both of these found. Thanks to those of you who knew which fics I was talking about!