October 28th, 2014

srs bznz, lost - sawyer reading


I'm Iooking for a specific fic. I swear I saved this one after reading but apparently not..

It’s Steve/Bucky, post-CAtWS. The Avengers go on a mission, Bucky stays behind because of reasons. He’s still watching the fight through comms. At one point, they lose Steve somewhere. Bucky panics. Steve is found and he's a little banged up. Cue life-affirming hugs and a surprise kiss.

Anyone know which fic I’m talking about?

1 Specific FrostIron & General Requests, Stony

1) I'm looking for the FrostIron fic where Loki falls in lust/love with Tony to a point that he has to kiss him and think about him all the time. I think Thor questions him about his motives. One scene played in the kitchen with Loki forcefully kissing Tony, Tony being scared etc. Maybe some courting later on? Happy ending. That is all I know.

2) Are there any stories that are similar? Loki falling in love first, courting (reluctant or oblivious) Tony?

3) Protective/Possessive/Smitten Loki (I've recently gone through the tags in A03, so maybe some newer recs, or recs from other websites?) E.g. I really like "1001 Tales of Once Upon a Time" by lucius_complex (WIP).

If you have stony stories that fit in 2) or 3), rec them please! I prefer bottom!tony and happy endings.
Thanks in advance!

Edit: (1) Found by anon: It Isn't Always Easy written by Schadenfreudessa