November 5th, 2014

Magneto & Steve Rogers

Okay this is just a random thought I had after Steve said that he 'fought Nazi's' in a fic I'm reading; Magneto was a kid who was in a concentration camp and hated the Nazi's. Is there any fic where they work together or maybe crossed paths way back when and remeet after the Avengers are united. Would Magneto see Steve as a mutant, or a sapien with delusions of granduer. Maybe Steve was a hero who tried to save him, or was he someone who let baby!Magneto down?

Lots of ideas, no skill in writing = desperate need for fic recs.


Searching for Tony fic

I barely remember the fic but I do know it here were a few notable items in it
1). Tony used various metals as code words to indicate his safety with Jarvis.
2). Tony had been kidnapped and arranged his own escape while the rest of the team complained that he was out of reach. He never told them what happened to him but the team found out. Steve ends up killing one of the guys in an interrogation room.
3). Happy has know Tony since Canada, where when he was younger Tony was going thru chemo. He knows the metal code words.
4). Tony never gave Jarvis limits, just asked Jarvis to tell him up front if he was going to betray him.

Please help me find this Awesome Fic!