November 6th, 2014

Recomend me somthing

Ok I'm a sucker for the AU where Steve becomes the winter soldier and buckey wakes up and is ether coerced or volunteers to become captain America. I have red a few but I'm always on the lookout for more recommend them all to me. ^__^

One I remember reading is Buckey still looses his arm and is given a prosthetic and while visiting the captain america exhibit is kidnapped along with a lot of other people by disguised hydra goons and the winter soldier.

Starving Pre-Serum Steve Rogers posed for Great Depression artwork


I'm looking for a fic, I can't remember its name, but I remember there was a section of the fic where Tony dragged Steve to a big fancy Manhattan party, where there was an exhibition of a famous Great Depression artist (I can't remember the name) on display - and Steve, skinny sickly Steve, is one of the starving, nude people in the painting, and the media has a field day.

I'm kicking myself for not favoriting the story, thank you in advance to anyone who can help! :)

Ace, possibly deimsexual Steve?

I've been cruising the list of ace fics in the earlier search by vinib, and I was reminded of a fic I think I ran across a while ago.  It involved Darcy and Steve waiting for something, like a tv show interview, and Darcy said something about ace, and Steve was like, "that's a thing now?  Great!" because he'd been ace the entire time.

Thanks for your help!