November 9th, 2014

  • neqs

Looking for Tony/Bruce at a party

This is embarrassing because this is one of my favourite Tony/Bruce fics. The only scene I can remember, though, is Tony and Bruce at a party (for SI board members, maybe?) and Tony says something like "Wow, you just schmoozed like 100 of those assholes without complaining, you amazing person" to Bruce. Apparently Bruce is an incredibly charming and smart trophy husband business-wise.

I'm not even sure if that is all there is to the fic or if it's just a scene in a longer fic. Please help reunite me with this gem of Bruce-love!
tony stark

General fic searches

Hello all! I'm looking for two things:

A) Fics wherein someone punches Howard. I'm partial to Steve but anyone would be good. It can be any verse, any point in time, I just want to see Howard get his. Steve/Tony preferred but not necessary.

B) Fics wherein someone gives 616!Steve a good talking to either during or post Civil War. I like it when it's alternates but anyone is good as long as they ream Steve (and possibly other Avengers) out. Steve/Tony please. Fics of this theme revolving around current events would also work.
TG3 and TGDog

Tony-centric fic searches, with Tony/Steve pairings


Seeking general fic recs if i may?

i) Any shy!Tony Steve/Tony fics? As in, Tony still has all his bluster and feigned arrogance, but whenever he's with Steve that all dies down and he just becomes rather shy and quiet. Or anything along those lines. Just want shy!Tony instead of shy!Steve for a change.

ii) Any fics (preferably with Steve/Tony) where Tony has crushing low self-esteem. I am a sucker for Tony and his fake smiles.

iii) Abused!Tony fics? In any sense, by his father, by a past-partner, or even current partner. However i'd prefer none where Steve is an abuser, and double points if you can find an abused!Tony fic with Steve/Tony pairing. =]

Thank you!
(Hope tags are done correctly.)

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  • sdod

Specific Fic - Tony!feels

Hi ! I'm searching for a fic (no, really?!) where Tony is badly hurt during a mission (I think) and he should be staying at the hospital. Steve "kicked him out" of the team (because that dumbass Tony is hurt) and Tony thinks is useless/worthless because of it and he get injured even more... (because he can't take care of himself)
I don't remember if it was a oneshot or not. I'm not even sure that was 100% stony or just a team bulding fic.
Thank you very much !