November 11th, 2014


Looking for a specific fic

Looking through somebody's tumblr and found these tags on a Pepper Potts post:

i can't remember but in one fic i read recently bucky keeps questioning why tony talks about his girlfriend like she can breathe fire because they'll be fighting a monster and tony legit thinks the next level up is getting pepper and bucky's like NO DUDE YOU'RE THE SUPERHERO but then it turns out no pepper really does breathe fire sometimes tony was right

Does anybody recognise what fic this is describing? (The post was made late may, so post-CAtWS and post-IM3 with Extremis Pepper)

It's not this one I don't think, since that has Pepper summon fire to her hand rather than breathe it and no fights against any monsters.

Loki is tortured and forgets who he is

Hi, looking for a Fic where Loki is tortured/raped while imprisoned in Asgard and forgets who he is and regresses to a childish state of mind. I remember that either thor or odin came to get him from the cell and they realize that he cannot even talk. He learns how to partially say Thor's name. In order to help him heal Odin and thor decide to use a ritual but it ends up pulling Loki's memories before he invades Midgard or before he fell from the bifrost, I am not sure which.

Controlled!Loki and Jane/Darcy

As a general search, I'm looking for any fics where it turns out Loki was being mind controlled in the Avengers movies.

And I'm also looking for a specific fic Jane/Darcy femslash, Jane was a princess or lady from another realm with an arranged marriage to Thor, but she and her handmaiden Darcy were together or in love.