November 18th, 2014

Epic Darcy Fics

1) I love long, epic stories, especially those involving Darcy. I'm happy with gen or ship. Darcy/Clint, Darcy/Bruce, Darcy/Steve, Darcy/Phil, Darcy/Bucky (no Thor or Tony).

I've read a number of long series recently that involve a lot of Darcy including How Steve Got His Groove Back series by Rainne, the Direction series by Boombangbing, Funny That Way by LuvGoodMrE, Kid's Movies series by CircusBones, I'm Gonna Be A Part of It (Whether I Want To or Not) by fringedweller, Basic Bitches series by Twisted Inguene.

If anyone has some suggestions for similar, long, well written pieces, please share.

2) Any fics where Darcy is the daughter of Tony Stark.

Thanks so much.