November 19th, 2014


hey all,

So I'm looking for a Loki/Tony fic, I'm pretty sure it was on AO3 and it was about how the team finds out that Loki and Tony are in a relationship and they are all against it at first and then I think each one of them saw Loki helping tony some way, I'm pretty sure Natasha saw him help Tony in battle, Steve saw him get Tony to sleep and a bunch of others and they were eventually all okay with it, I've looked everywhere and can't find it so if you know pleaaase leave a comment :)

Also I would love to read ANY other Loki/Tony fics that have the teams thoughts and reaction to Loki and Tony dating.

Thanks a bunch!!

Tricks, Tasers, and Tony by Ell Roche

Does anybody have/know where I could find a copy of Tricks, Tasers, and Tony by Ell Roche? It was a drabble/oneshot collection centering around Tony, Darcy, and Loki, but I can't find it online anymore. I really loved the stories, so I would really appreciate any information.