November 24th, 2014

  • mcyl98

Specific steve/tony fic search (FOUND!!)

Hey guys. I've tried to search for this steve/tony fic for a really long time but I still can't, so I'm here to ask for help. I don't remember if it was posted on AO3 or but what i do remember is that

1. Steve couldn't sleep without the arc reactor (the light and the noise it produces)
2. Tony was away on a business trip
3. Steve calls him during a moment of weakness or something
4. Tony recorded a video of his reactor for steve to replay

That's all I remember from this fic and I would really want to read it again so please help me find it. Thanks guys!

deaged Steve father tony

Hey guys! I need your help. There is this story about Steve gets deaged and Tony takes care of him. Later in the story someone invades the tower and kills tony. The end is tony's funeral and Steve says he was the best dad. Please help me find it. It has been driving me insane! Thanks a million!

Tony/Steve - Alternate Re-introduction

I've had zero luck finding this story so any help would be amazing.

SHEILD finds Captain America but Tony finds out about the plan to use the ruse of it still being the 1940s and steps in.  He has Steve moved to a rehabilitation house for veterans and has a plan with SHEILD to reintegrate Steve into society by telling him he was frozen and it's now the 1950s.  Natasha plays the scary nurse.  Steve interacts wtih the veterans and Tony, who he thinks is related to Howard.  Tony apparently has been developing new artificial limb technology and works with the veterans there.

Thanks so much in advance.