December 2nd, 2014


So I have been trying to find a Clint Barton BDSM fic and I can't seem to find it.
I know that in the first chapter Clint has sex with someone not sure if it's Bruce, Steve or Thor and Tony sees the bruises on his wrists and makes a vulgar comment and Clint gets embarrassed, the person he had sex with gets worried that he hurt Clint. Clint makes a comment about its fine and I think walks out of the room. I think Natasha tells them that Clint likes it. Eventually clint and the person enter a BDSM relationship.

Hope someone can help me



So I was looking for a fic which I'm sure was on AO3, but I suppose it might not be. Tony had invited the Avengers to live with him and revealed that he held an actual medical degree. Natasha agrees to an exam (I believe it was meant to be gynecological), but during a scan, it's revealed that a spider bite in her youth left her hairs sensitive to certain frequencies. Later, they take Peter in as an intern, and on an elevator ride, they determine that he too has sensitivity to the same frequencies - I think it was to prove he was Spiderman? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Specific Bucky Fic

I am driving myself crazy trying to find a specific Bucky fic, I think it was on AO3. It was a typic fic where Bucky end up at the avengers tower to heal. I think when he gets there he has a really bad infection in his arm because JARVIS notices he is running a really high fever. There is a great scene between him and Bruce where Bruce is very carefully trying to get him to let him help. Bucky let's him even though he expects the whole time that he's going to end up memory wiped/frozen again.

Ring any bes with anyone? Thanks!