December 18th, 2014

Avengers - Tony

Searching for a Thanos makes Tony inmortal fic.

Hi, sorry to bug you all, but I'm looking for a story where after Tony being really sick, he's dying I think and the Avengers have to deal with Thanos, who learns that Tony is an awesome at romance and wants tips to make Death love him.

After Tony gives Thanos advice he decided to make Tony inmortal so he can ask him romance stuff later and Tony is not happy about it 'cause he's going to live while everyone dies and then Thanos makes a lot of characters inmortal.

Please help me with this!! Is driving me insane and I can't find it in Ao3!!! I'm sure it was there!!

Be well, Monica

Dark! and/or RedRoom! and/or BadassAssassin! Darcy Lewis

Alrighty y'all!

I've just finished reading Breaking (Saving) You by Rainne on AO3, and I NEED MOOOORRRREEEEE like breathing!

So basically, give me all your assassin, HYDRA, RedRoom, Dark Darcy fics!

Fluffy assassin? Gimme!
Dark normal Darcy? Gimme!
Any fic you know that has any theme like it I want SO BAD!

Thanks all!