December 19th, 2014

  • az_ael

Bucky in the future

I am looking a fic in which Bucky from forties switch or send to avengers tower in the future. Its in ao3 but I cant find it again. I remember the last part has Bucky found spider-bug spy in balcon and getting shot. It also has Steve and other avengers hide the truth about Bucky as winter soldeir and some event in the past. I dont remember its gen or slash, but I think its gen.
Sorry it I got the tag wrong.

Hope anyone can help me.

Thank you in advance

smart thor and mjolnir

So in most of the fics I've read, people make Thor kinda stupid and optimistic and a little out of it. Thor is a prince and warrior with tons of experience. in the movies he doesn't act all that stupid. i was wondering if anyone had any good ones where he's actually really wise or at least not stupid (maybe more like he is in the movies). If anyone can find something i would love one where he gives battle tactics seeing as he's a trained asgardian warrior.
Also anything where he's protective of the rest of the team (my guess is he's the oldest by far and in dark world he automatically shielded darcy and of course the whole promising to protective all the realms)
oh and i just watched dark world and i was wondering about the fact that he could hang up mjolnir even though it apparently ways a ton and (I loved it) when mjolnir kept trying to get to thor. so any cool mjolnir fics. Also the sneak peek at age of ultron shows the team trying to hold it and am i the only one who noticed steve almost picked it up? (and natasha didn't even try :( ) So yeah, any where the others can hold mjolnir. Thanks in advance! :)