December 22nd, 2014

Specific Story Search: Tony is held prisoner Tony/Steve

Hey I'm looking for a story that I can just almost remember but not quite. It was part of a series and in it Tony and Steve go to another planet/world. They'd been there before in an earlier story and had gotten trapped in some kind of enchanted forest or something.

Anyway in this story they went back to the planet for help (I think Tony was dying) and Tony ended up getting kidnapped along with a lot of other creatures from the planet. He was made into a slave and was raped by the army every night. He tried to make an escape plan at one point but was caught and severely punished.

Steve eventually found him with the help of Thor but it took awhile and Tony was completely subservient when they found him. It took a long time for him to begin to get back to how he was before. Also he panicked because he'd told the slavers (Kree maybe?) where earth was and he thought they'd come attack.

Also there was a blanket.

Hope someone knows what this story is. It was definitely on Ao3 if that helps any.
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Looking for a "Five Times" fic

I'm looking for a "Five Times" Thor and Loki fic. I can remember practically everything about it *except* for title and author. Iirc, it started as a prompt on norsekink and I know I read it at AO3.

The fic starts when Thor fails to recognize Natasha when she comes in from an assignment. She's dyed her hair a dark color, and Thor thinks she is an intruder, tackles her and she manages to pin him. The other Avengers finally manage to convince Thor that it really *is* Natasha, even though Thor remains suspicious.

Another time, Pepper helps Jane get ready for a big date with Thor -- new clothes and everything -- only Thor doesn't recognize Jane when she is "dressed up."

One of the last times is when Loki hijacks the tv networks dressed in a 'Thor' costume and proceeds to upset Thor by dancing the Macarena, the Chicken Dance and finally, karaoke.