December 28th, 2014


Loki is actually a mid-teenager

I'm looking for a fic I know I read on AO3.

It's set after they beat Loki, but before they send him back to Asgard.

SHIELD does some medical scans and stuff on Loki, and discovered something odd about his bones? (i think). That even though he looked like a fully grown adult, according to the scans of his bones... he was still in his mid-ish teens. And that he had apparently been pregnant.

So, knowing the Norse legends, they do some checking about and discover that some of those legends are horribly, horribly, true.

I can't remember much else about the story, including the name or author, but I am 100% certain I read it on AO3 (whether it is still there or not).

Looking for a specific fic

Pretty longshot request but here goes nothing:

Looking for a specific fic, fairly sure it came out post Avengers but before IM3 or Thor 2. Steve got Bucky back somehow but he wasn't clear what was happening around/to him and Steve reassured him using a specific phrase they'd had during the war to let the other know everything was ok. It was something along the lines of "it's all sixes and eights" and Bucky relaxed after hearing that.

Anyone read it? It was almost certainly on Ao3.