January 1st, 2015


Specific Fic Search: Hulk & Bruce interaction

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a fic where Hulk can read whatever books Bruce has already read? He compares someone to Mr. Darcy, I remember that. I think he also lives in sort of a barren mindscape that fills in with forest and grass and such as the fic goes on? (that part may be a different fic I also can't find, not sure.)
I'm relatively sure it was a Bruce/Tony fic and on AO3 but I could be wrong.

Tony forced into a relationship by SHIELD -Tony/OMC


I'm hoping you can help me because it's driving me crazy.

I'm looking for a Tony/OMC fic Who takes place in a BDSM or a ABO universe.

Tony is outed as a sub or an omega and is forced by SHIELD into a relationship With a military dom/alpha.

It's an OMC character.

I remember the team and Rhodey being all protective of Tony.

Can anyone knoW this fic ?

Thank you very much and happy neW year