January 4th, 2015


Bruce/Tony, Rhodey/Tony fic search

Ok. I'm looking for two pairings.

1. Bruce/Tony. I've read all the recs on this site, Ao3 and ff.net, so if there's any new good ones, complete would be best. I'd appreciate it.

2. Rhodey/Tony. Because I refuse to accept that what I've found (on th above sites) are all there are. The fics are just hiding from me, that's it.

And and all help greatly appreciated!


Im looking for any stories where the avengers have wings, but I'm mostly finding ones where only one of them has them. Does anyone know of any where they all have wings, or at least some of them, just more then one. Or where they have them and some just can't see them or something. Thanks!
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Genderfluid Loki stories

I really like all the stories where Loki is unashamedly switching between male and female.

Can you rec me all the fics where Loki shows up as a woman suddenly? Especially ones where he doesn't think it's a big deal and uses it prank other people. I remember reading a few but I don't know the names of them because I read them quite some time ago.

I don't mind any pairing, fluff, angst, death fic all acceptable. 

Searching for OC fic - Found

If I remember correctly the fic started with and OC's grandparents seeing captain america on TV or something and saying they knew him which nobody believed. The fic had either steve or Bucky (maybe both) who end up visiting the OC grandparents(?) because he/they knew them from the 40's. I'm pretty sure it was on AO3 but I'm not sure. Also pretty sure it was a oneshot (around 7000 I think?). I have spent forever looking for it but have had no luck, any help would be much appreciated:)
Edit: Found in comments