January 11th, 2015


bucky is rescued by shield before steve is defrosted

hello friends!

i'm looking for a specific fic, but i would also love recs that are in the same vein.

so the fic i'm looking for, bucky was the winter soldier for a while, as per usual. but a couple years before steve is found in the artic and defrosted, shield found and rehabilitated bucky. i think it was around three years before? and steve is defrosted and he's super confused and to top it all off, bucky is there but super different. he's working with shield and you know, the metal arm, etc.

i can't remember whether it was gen or bucky/steve. probably is over on ao3 .

thank you!!

Steve chooses Tony over Bucky

What it says on the tin. I'm looking for fics in which Steve picks Tony over Bucky. How, where or why he does this is completely open to interepretation. Because of the nature of the request, most stories will probably be Tony/Steve but I'll accept any that aren't. Gen fics and fics of other pairings are more than welcome as long as it fills the request some way.

Thanks in advance!