January 14th, 2015

Looking for specific fic [FOUND]

Heya, i was looking for a breakup fic between Steve and Tony. I remember the breakup was because Steve was too busy with missions. He forgot to come to an event that Tony specifically arranged. Tony tried to call, texted and even emailed Steve "like a noob SHIELD agent", he didn't received any response.

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Please Help!

Hi All!

So, I'm downloading some fics to read on a long plane ride tomorrow morning, and I'm trying to find one in particular that has been driving me crazy trying to find!

This is sort of an alternate universe which takes place pre-Thor and Avengers, where Thor and Loki come down to Earth to make diplomatic ties. Thor is not a particularly nice guy in this piece, and looks down on the "backwater Midgardians," expecting his every whim to be catered to. Loki, on the other hand, is quiet and observant, and is puzzled when everyone seems to like him better than Thor! I remember one particular scene where Thor cannot even tell the Captain/Commander/someone-in-charge the name of the ship they have been housed on.

Also, there is a funny group of sailors that sort-of adopt Loki, and they play poker together and Loki is touched that they do something ridiculous to try to bring him dinner or something later that night. Thor seems to be very controlling, and he is decidedly unhappy when he realizes the people seem to prefer his brother to him.

I also remember at the very end, they are under attack from someone, and Loki uses his magic to save a city from an asteroid or something even though SHIELD asked him not to reveal his magic to the general population. When he wakes up in the hospital, he is horrified that he has "ruined the negotiations" and is stunned when SHIELD thanks him and the people call him a hero.

Please, PLEASE help me find this before tomorrow morning. I am desperate!!

Thanks in advance for everybody's help,

FOUND!! link in comments

Looking for a fic

Hey! So I'm looking for a fic about Tony Stark and Bucky. It was Tony/Bucky, and a lot of it was about Bucky learning to deal with the Winter Soldier.  I remember one bit when Bucky and Tony got caught kissing by Steve, and he was upset, so Bucky and Steve sat back to back and talked about it like when they were kids. I've looked for it for ages, I hope someone knows the fic I'm talking about!
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Tony and Loki are brothers (as in actual blood)

So! I read this fic AGES ago, and I absolutely CANNOT find it!

  • Tony had a Norse name, it wasn't Tony. He preferred to be called Tony, though, as a nickname.

  • I think he and Loki were twins.

  • I can't remember exactly why, but he was thrown off the Bifrost by Odin. I think it might have had something to do with him realizing that he and/or Loki were Jotunn.

  • On Earth, Tony doesn't remember his time in Asgard.

  • When Loki invades, one of them recognizes the other, i think. There is a blast and both of them are thrown into the walls. When they wake up, Loki's cranial recalibration was done by the wall,, he's normal again, and Tony remembers.

If anyone knows the fic I'm talking about, please please please help me out!

                  Much love,

(p.s. this is tagged as harry potter crossover, but I was just wondering if anyone knows of a fic search site like this one but for harry potter, sorry if i misled you)

EDIT: About the hp search comms, thank you for the ones you've given! I had meant, though, a comm with tags and all, because I've found a couple of them, but they dont have tags and that makes it hard to find stories of a theme... sorry!

Tony and OFC Bodyswap Fic

I'm looking for a story where this girl was abused by her family and wanted a way out, so she cast some sort of spell that allowed her switch places with Tony, except that not only do the Avengers immediately realize that he's not acting right, but Tony is now in her body being abused.

He eventually escapes makes his way across the country back to New York, and the story just snowballs from there.

Please help, I've been searching for this thing for about a week!

FOUND: Take Her For A Spin, by certifiably

Thank you to those commenters who helped me find it!