January 15th, 2015

Steve/Tony Tony travels back in time.

Okay, I read this ages ago and I could have sworn I bookmarked it but well... any way.

In it Tony travels back in time to WW2 and has to pretend to be Howard's brother. Howard thinks Tony is his nephew. Steve and Tony get together during this time and when he goes back to his own time he and Steve continue the relationship. Oh, and Steve in the future didn't know at first that past!Howard's brother(future Tony) was actually Tony. Until he got sent back.

Sorry if that's confusing. Any help would be great!!!

Stucky Fanfic

I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m looking for a Steve/Bucky fic/fics. There are 3 scenes I remember and I have no idea if they are from one fanfic or several.

1. Steve and Bucky are on a plane provided by Tony, Steve tells Bucky he needs a picture of his real arm so Tony can build a new one, Bucky thinks that Steve means he’s going to replace his real arm with another prosthesis and feels betrayed but complies. Steve reassures him that Tony is replacing the mechanical one with a more realistic one.

2. Steve is telling Bucky about when the Howling Commandoes had to dress up in drag to infiltrate a base and Bucky was the only one allowed out of the car, cause he was the best looking of the bunch of them, with the French resistance women who was with them. Once passed the guards the Women and Bucky disappeared with Steve’s permission and came back with bunch of young girls they’d liberated from a brothel or something like that. The Commandoes had to steel a submarine to get them all to safety.

3. Steve, Bucky and Sam break into a hydra vault under the city, Bucky brings explosives, either Sam or Steve are worried they are going to cave the place in but Bucky knows what he is doing and blows a hole the correct size for them to pass through.