January 30th, 2015

  • kdorian

Tony in a monogamish or open relationship

I'm looking for any fics where Tony is in a relationship that is either open or monogamish ("couples who are perceived to be monogamous, who are mostly monogamous, but who aren't 100% monogamous.... [and] have an expressed understanding that allows for some amount of sexual contact outside the relationship"). Both (or all) the people in the relationship have to be OK with it/prefer a relationship that way, regardless of what people outside the relationship think.

Slash or gen are both OK; poly relationships OK. Relationship angst and 'cheating' are not OK

ETA: Above quote is from wikipedia, I forgot to mention.

FOUND: Tony (or Clint) Tries to Hide Injuries

Darned if I can remember whether this fic stars Tony or Clint.  Whichever it is feels inadequate next to all the other Avengers, and gets taken to task at some point for getting injured more than the others.  So he starts lying about being fine, and doctoring his injuries later alone, to the point of stitches and setting bones, I think.  Until, of course, some shit hits the fan and the others find out that it's gotten REALLY SERIOUS while they weren't paying attention.  So.  Loads of whump and h/c.

Not only can I not remember the main character (although I typically only read Tony/Steve or Clint/Phil, so that might narrow it down) but I can't remember if it's G or E.  It was probably on AO3, though.

Does anyone recognize this?

FOUND (and it's Clint):

The Damages We Keep by