February 1st, 2015

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Rape Fantasy fics (looking for specific, but would love RTYIs)

I read this fanfic a while back (it may have been on Fanfiction, but I'm not entirely sure), where Tony had been sleeping or just gone to bed - and then he's suddenly blindfolded and maybe tied down. He doesn't recognize the male's voice, but once the man tells Tony to suck him, Tony realizes it's Steve from the taste, and immediately gets into the proper role. (I think Steve's voice sounded weird bc of something Bruce had given him, to make the fantasy that much better). If you know what I'm talking about, I would really appreciate if you could send me a link or give me the title. :)

And also, I welcome any other RTYI fics, pretty much OK with anyone paired with Tony, but with bottom!Tony only however. Please and thank you! :D

specific fic search; Bucky \Steve

I read this one ages ago on ao3, but can't find it when i search for it. In it, Bucky is on the run from shield after the events of winter soldier, and Steve keeps going home to his apartment where Bucky is hiding out, but Steve thinks that Bucky is a hallucination and he doesn't mention him to anyone. I don't think he even talks to Bucky that much,but he still buys bucks favorite candy and stuff. At the end he finds out that Bucky is really there and not a hallucination.

I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!