February 4th, 2015


Hi! I am new to Livejournal and was wondering if there were anybody who could help me find fics that fit the following:

1. Is either tony/loki or tony/steve. Those two pairings are my loves.
2. Is either an AU or Canon that deals with angst between the two. I love it when a fic can make me cry for the character.
3. Has to be completed, please? If not then it's okay.

Thank You!!!
Pearl Goddess
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Linzee's fanfiction - is it still around?

Does anyone know if Linzee's Cap and Bucky stories are available anywhere online. I've not read any, but a few rec pages have directed me to them; however, the links on AO3 no longer work, and when I found Linzee's web page http://www.linzeestyle.com/linzees-fanfiction/ the fic links are there, but one you click on them they all bring up 404 error :(

I tried messaging them from the bottom of the page, but I haven't heard anything so I don't know if the web page is still active. Is there anywhere else that archives these stories?

John/Aeryn - Love

Lost Steve/Bucky Fic

Hey All,

I was rewatching CA:TWS and got reminded of a Steve/Bucky fic I read ago, but for the lfe of me can't find. It was set just after the end of CA:TWS with Bucky deal with his time as the Winter Soldier. What I remember specifically is that Bucky had found his way to Steve's house and was hanging around on the roof listening into the convesations he had with Sam Wilson (??) and after a while Steve realized Bucky was there. I think Bucky would come into one of the bedrooms and sleep sometimes and Steve would leave things for him to use/eat. I am about 99% sure I read it on AO3 and that it was a longer fic (at least 30,000 words). I'm hoping you all can help me find it!

Thanks in advance!! :-D