February 5th, 2015


Steve/Tony Fics, or a series?

I *think* these fics were part of a series, but I could be wrong.

In the first one I'm looking for, Tony gets turned into a dog (I think, maybe a cat?).  He and Steve have just had a fight because Steve's a bit homophobic and freaks out when Tony touches him (Tony wasn't into him, but that argument plants the idea...).  I remember Steve won't let Tony eat whatever he wants or get into trouble.  And Tony is furious.  Then Tony and Clint are fooling around and Tony gets hurt- runs into something and hits his head, I believe- and Steve is super protective.  Gradually they start cuddling, and Tony winds up sleeping in Steve's bed.  Where he transforms back for the first time.  Steve freaks out.  He turns back into a dog, and continues turning back and forth until Steve gets over his homophobia.  There are sneaky hotdogs with Happy and dog!Tony (who isn't allowed onion rings, I think) and maybe also Clint?  They get in trouble with Steve.  And Clint dresses Tony up- maybe as Hawkeye?- at one point.
Oh!  This all happens because Loki is in an abandoned mining town and they all go looking for him, and Tony goes down the mine by himself, which Steve gets mad at him about, and winds up with the crystal Loki was looking for.  Bruce puts the crystal on a collar that allows Tony to talk.

I *think* this was part of a series, and that the next fic was a later installment, I might be wrong though.  If they're separate, I'm desperately seeking both.

Steve winds up transported to an alternate universe (by Loki who wants something from him and is trying to trick him into revealing it, maybe?) where the serum didn't muscle him up, it put him in a coma.  He wakes up 70 years later.  Howard is stll alive, and Bucky is Captain America.  Howard and Bucky do *not* get along.  Tony is living in this isolated house of Howard's drinking himself to death and working for Stark Industries.  For some reason, Howard (who I think is creeping on Steve?) decides Steve should live with Tony.  Tony drinks a lot and hits on Steve sometimes, but Steve is heartbroken, because he loves Tony and this broken, defeated alcoholic is a Tony who doesn't love him?  Steve works at Stark Industries as Tony's assistant and brings him food at lunch.  He finds sodas they both like with marbles in the necks one day.  Steve also buys a punching bag, but he can barely use it.  Tony drinks a lot and Steve tries to get him to eat.  Tony is WAY different (flirty, I think for sure- also friendly?) when he's drunk and it confuses Steve.  Tony also has to sleep with a girl of Howard's choosing a certain number of times a year to get an heir to the Stark family.  He hates it and leaves her in his room to come see Steve.
I think there's some sort of super villain attack right in their front lawn and they get involved?  I might be wrong.  And that Loki is there, as a beautiful woman who's sleeping with Doom?  And he was also in Steve's hospital room when he woke up as a beautiful woman?  And that this is all a plot to get the red stone that turned Tony into a dog in the first story.

These might be totally separate things, but I've looked everywhere and can't find them, so any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Steve road-trip fic

I'm looking for a specific fic I read once, I think it might have been a big bang fill, but I don't know for sure. All I remember about it was a scene where Steve starts sketching a lesbian couple while at the grand canyon, and the couple notices, and freaks out at first, before they realize he means no harm/isn't homophobic? I think? Like, one of the couple had just come out to her parents, and it hadn't ended well, so she's sure that the guy watching them is also being homophobic.

That's all I remember, that and that he's alone during this; it's definitely a solo road trip.